hiišuu maatmaas – Community Planning

hiišuu maatmaas = Everyone Works Together. This is one of our ways.

čaaqʷaasumyin čamiḥta tiič ʔiiḥatisatḥ čiinaxint = How do we want to live well Ehattesaht Chinehkintaht?

We are addressing this question in this planning process.

Our Comprehensive Community Planning is a member driven process that is designed to capture the views, concerns, and solutions of our membership. This updating process started in October 2016 and is expect to continue to June 2017.

You are invited and encouraged to get involved. You can do this one of a few ways:
1. Visit and comment on the Facebook site: E/C Community Planning
2. Email your suggestion and ideas to Ehattesaht.office@ehatis.ca
3. Attend regional or tribal meetings,
4. Host a family-base potluck and talk about the plans for our future as a nation.
5. Invite the coordinator to a family meeting.
6. Ideas can be expressed as picture submissions, short videos on our Facebook page or in songs too!

The most recent documents available to registered members at Membership Only Page